Bird Netting Woven

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High density PolyEthylene, 100% Virgin raw, color and UV treated. 3/4” net openings. Packed in bags. For 17’ net, the actual width may vary from 16.5-17”. All net is packed in bags, actual weight of the bag depends on how heavy-duty the net you choose is. Any netting should be stored inside when not in use.

Wear and tear (rips, overstretching, etc), improper storage, or being left out in the elements for longer than necessary can shorten the life of your net.

Heavy-duty, 30gm net – up to 10 year life (for material itself).
Medium-duty, 15gm net – 3 to 5 year life (for the material itself)

Net should be fastened together underneath and on the sides for maximum bird and deer protection. Side net needs to be closed at both the top and bottom.

Choose net

1532, 6'x3280' Side Net, 15gm, green, 1513, 17'x1320' Net, 15gm, green, 1526, 17'x2640' Net, 15gm, green, 3013, 17'x1320' Net, 30gm, white, 3022, 22'x1320' Net, 30gm, white

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