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100% natural. Plantskydd is exempt from federal EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) pesticide registration. Plantskydd contains no synthetic additives, is non-toxic and is not harmful to animals, plants or the environment.

The ‘active’ ingredient is dried blood (porcine and/or bovine)- recognized by the EPA as an environmentally safe ingredient.

In the United States, *bloodmeal* is an EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) exempted product/minimum risk pesticide and is exempt from the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act

Plantskydd Deer Repellent works by emitting an odor that animals associate with predator activity, repelling the animal before it nibbles on plants. Research has proven that odor-based repellents are more effective than other repellent systems where the animal needs to taste treated plants before being repelled. Once animals are attracted to an area and begin feeding, it is more difficult to discourage them from returning. Plantskydd stimulates a fear-based response which will have deer, elk, moose, opossum, and rabbits looking to dine somewhere other than your garden or plantation.


* APPLY ON DRY PLANTS – rainfast in 24 hours

*For Deer and Elk – Dip/Spray mainly tops of plant — until wet but not dripping.

*For Rabbits – spray stem and lower leaves.

*Ornamentals — spray mainly on leaves of plants until wet – avoid blossoms.


*Test sample plants to determine sensitivity.

*Needles/leaves darken temporarily after treatment — original color returns in 18-36 hours.

*Apply at above freezing temperature.

*Avoid application in direct hot sunlight — for best results, apply in early morning or late afternoon.

*Expect some reduction in efficacy in warmer/sunny climates.

*Treating Pine seedlings during bud flush is not recommended (OK before/after bud flush period).

*Allow to dry 1-2 days before watering.

*DO NOT apply directly onto edible parts of fruit, vegetables and other food crops. Wash fruit and vegetables before eating.

* If solution comes into contact with eyes or skin, wash/flush with water.

*Avoid spraying concrete and wood to avoid discoloration.

*Rinse sprayer, gloves and planting equipment after use.

* If sprayer clogs, rinse in hot water.

*Use mixed solution within a few days.

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