Treessentials Clipper Double-Wall Grow Tube

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The ‘Clipper’ Double-Wall Grow Tube is designed to be the most versatile product on the market.┬áThe twin wall open construction has large pre-punched holes that allow for easy installation and adapt to the widest number of trellis systems. Tubes open on one side for ease in application and removal. Double-wall, strong, flexible, and lightweight design provides outstanding structural integrity to protect your vines and make them easily accessible for inspection and pruning.

Composed of polyethylene polymers, pinkish-tan, 3.5 inches OD.

Comes in three sizes – 24′, 30′ and 36′. Price breaks at 300=7%, 1,000=10%, and 3,000=14%.

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Sizes available

24" GT24, 30" GT30, 36" GT36

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