Bamboo Stakes for Grapes

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UPS charges an extra handling fee for 5′, 6′ and 7′. Quantity discounts are available. Indicate number of bales – when we call you we can discuss which one you need. We order bamboo in until June. After that we still have bamboo on hand until it runs out, and usually have some sizes in stock throughout the winter. Please check with us before ordering to see if we have your size on hand.

Broken Bale Pricing Available. Quantity discounts are available for 1000+.

Sizes available

N412, 4' x 1/2", 250/bale, N512, 5' x 1/2", 250/bale, N515, 5' x 5/8", 100/bale, N612, 6' x 1/2", 250/bale, N615, 6' x 5/8", 100/bale, N712, 7' x 1/2", 250/bale, N715, 7' x 5/8", 100/bale, N718, 7' x 3/4", 100/bale

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