Quick methods to form a grow tube with the full diameter – for best growth of your grapevines!

1. Quick Tying

Push a length of tying material through the tabs on each end of the grow tube. Complete installation by wrapping top tie around the stake. (The bottom tie should be tied to itself) Optimal diameter of tube, once fastened shut, should be 3.5.

2. Staple

To form correct diameter (for best growth) place tube edge against tab on opposite side. Staple to permanently secure. Tie grow tube to stake or wire. Do not crush grow tube.

3. Pencil Rod

Line up the holes (be sure your diameter is 3.5) formed by opening the tabs. Push a 1/4″ pencil rod through the hole from the inside to outside. Push the rod through almost to the other end. Line up bottom holes. Push rod through bottom holes. Complete installation by pushing bottom of rod into soil and attaching to to trellis wire.

After tying and securing to stake or wire, mound up dirt around bottom of grow tube.

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